Syed Natif Nawaz


Technology, Operations & Program Director / Consultant / Strategist

Extensive strategic and technical management experience in a broad range of environments. Successful leadership of global, cross-functional teams ranging from 5-10 to 100-200. Deep understanding of the intersection of IT, product, team, and business functions. Engineering background in Cloud Operations, Networking, and Datacenter solutions.

Syed Nawaz

Syed Nawaz has 21 years of experience in strategy and technology leadership with a mix of management and expertise to reach and influence C-level management/clients through business and information technology. Previously, he worked as a development engineer at Assure Access Technologies and Alcatel, where Syed Nawaz developed software for access concentrations. Syed Nawaz studied electrical and electronics at the University of Madras. He holds a science and engineering degree in MS at the University of New York.

Syed Nawaz does technology leadership and consulting the IT profiles to develop the Technology, Operations, and Project Director / Consultant / Strategist Extensive. In a broad environment, Syed Nawaz has experience in professional technical management. Successful leadership of 5-10 to 100-200 global, cross-functional teams. In-depth understanding of the intersection of information technology, product, team, and business operations. Syed Nawaz has an Engineering background in cloud operations, networking, and data center solutions.

  • Proven record of driving innovation, including multiple patent applications and leading-edge product initiatives.
  • Excel in working with customers, particularly at the C-level, to create solutions for long-term business success.
  • Offer a diverse set of skills applicable to multiple products, sectors, verticals, and operating environments.
  • Combine deep engineering and technical skills with the ability to inspire teams to reach their highest potential.
  • Comfortable in start-ups & large companies, leadership and consulting roles, and rapidly changing requirements.                   Syed Nawaz

About Syed

Formerly, Syed Natif Nawaz worked as a development engineer at Assured Access technologies and Alcatel, where he developed software for access concentrators. In addition to higher education in electrical and electronics from the University of Madras, Syed Nawaz also holds M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo.
Customer Management
Technology Audits
Budget Management

Syed's Employment

Below are the companies Syed has worked.He is an expert in Customer
Management. His experience has led him to where he is right now.


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