5G Technology

The Internet has become a global obsession and need for people all over the world because the merits offered by it are countless. For instance, there are online classes taking place due to pandemic. Health care is getting cherished because of advancements in 5G Technologythe internet.

The Internet has become vital in almost all divisions of work like in corporate, health care, and even in the defence sector. Since the world requires new updates in technology we have to ameliorate the technology according to the ease of the people. Like even a farmer should be able to avail of the advantages of the technology.

The world demands that much of user-friendliness in technology. The improvement in technology is focused on increasing the speed of the network when it comes to the internet.

There are already so much advancement in internet like 3g and 4g but the world is looking for something even more well. 5G Technology has emerged as a result of the needs of millions of people who are looking for revolution in technology. There is no doubt that the 5G technology once opens the curtain will dazzle the whole world. But the problem is it has not been made full. It is at mere prototype stage.

There is a great expectation of financial aids for moving forward the so called 5G technology. Scientist has risked the government’s fortune for developing the 5G since it is faster than 4G. 4G is labelled as the fastest existing internet service provider. But the world’s greed for innovation and advancements has given rise to blink of 5G. Henceforth some far developed countries has taken efforts and are at the mid level of 5G technology rest of the countries are at the prototype stage.

The areas where we have to concentrate while we are planning to bring forth a new technology(5G) to replace the older one is that5G technology we should know the drawbacks of the technology which existed prior to this. The major drawback in 4G technology is its bandwidth. We can get a clear output of the signals if we increase the bandwidth.

5G technology demands for increased bandwidth. The research states that the 5G is reported to increase the bandwidth by 1000 times. And another surprising thing about 5G is that it may enable free wifi to people in the whole world. This sort of happenings can be possible only in dreams but the 5G Technology advancements can make this a reality. The dream world where we all will be using free wifi irrespective of the location is going to trespass as a reality.

The advancements in 5G technology can be implemented in cloud storage and can be harnessed to the extent of transforming it. But it will keep the people hungry for expecting that to come because in developing countries this kind of technology boom can seem like a dream. Since the results it gives is like we will be able to use the internet with ease and efficiency even in space.

Another lucky advantage of using 5G Technology over the other internet networks is that it is less power saving unlike the other networks. Since our device uses more data, it leads to conception of power or charge in our device but 5G can surmount this problem to a greater extent because of its speed and clear concurrent bandwidth unlike the other networks.


We will be able to make downloads of large files and use online data efficiently. This brings us to the conclusion that 5G will replace all the other networks like 3g and 4g and will thrive throughout the world’s existence. And people will be harnessing the merits of 5 G to the best of their benefit.


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