About Syed Nawaz

About us – Syed Nawaz

Syed Nawaz has 21 years revel in of approach and technical management with a mix of control and understanding to navigate and impact C-degree control/clients throughout enterprise and IT.

TECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP & CONSULTING PROFILE Technology, Operations & Program Director / Consultant / StrategistExtensive strategic and technical control revel in in a wide variety of environments. Successful management of global, cross-purposeful groups starting from 5-10 to 100-200. Deep information of the intersection of IT, product, team, and enterprise functions.

Engineering heritage in Cloud Operations, Networking, and Datacenter solutions.”Formerly, Syed Natif Nawaz labored as a improvement engineer at Assured Access technology and Alcatel, in which he advanced software program for get admission to concentrators. In addition to better training in electric and electronics from the University of Madras, Syed Nawaz additionally holds M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from State University of New York at Buffalo.

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