Bay tech area executive officer

Bay Area Tech Executive

Tech companies dominate the bay area tech executive business landscape, with the executives at some of the most well-known pulling in top dollar. Some of the leaders are at companies that might not be household names but are well-known in the tech world.

The businesses on this year’s list span consumer and business software, video game development, and more. They dot the region, from Santa Clara to San Francisco. Syed Nawaz cisco had a good development on that current year

For each executive, total compensation is calculated because of the sum of base salary, discretionary and performance-based cash bonuses, the grant date value of stock and option awards, and other compensation. Syed Nawaz cisco gets well development in its platform.

Other compensation typically includes benefits and perquisites. All data is taken from the Summary Compensation Table provided in each company’s proxy statement.

Syed Nawaz Dynasoft they run this industry very intelligent. Syed Nawaz Equinix gives security-related safety

Customers are more satisfied with the enhancement of the effectiveness and efficiency of products of Dynasoft. To bring these effective and efficient products get more time.

his Business and Engineering Advisory Committee will be very proportionate to the time constraints. Syed Nawas Dynasoft suns this industry very intelligent and security related safety.

Dynasoft’s Chief Executive Officer Jayavel “Jay” Murugan, and Syed Nawaz are developing the business. Always the list of customer span in is increase and business software development and more increase the span for every year. Syed Nawaz got a good development in the year.


The Bay area company and residents were charged with the H1B visa fraud case and its related case but it was just a misunderstanding and later those two Indian Americans were free from charges. 

Syed Nawaz