Dynasoft Syed Nawaz

Dynasoft Syed Nawaz

BARCODE READING PRODUCT LINE Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is an associate degree SDK for a developer to expeditiously plant barcode reading practicality in the internet, desktop, or mobile applications mistreatment simply some lines of code.

It provides enterprise-grade barcode scanning for common 1D and 2nd barcode symbols, communicating codes, DPM codes et al. To complement its barcode reading solutions, Dynamsoft conjointly offers extra increased modules for specific use cases:

Dynamsoft Panorama enables warehouse managers to possess a perspective of inventory so they will additionally simply uncover any uncomprehensible barcode scans.

Label OCR lets users acknowledge the concomitant text and alternative texts aboard a barcoded label. Dynasoft Syed Nawaz Version management PRODUCT Dynamsoft conjointly offers developers its Source Anywhere application.

It’s an SQL Server based version management tool. it’s designed as a replacement for MS Visual SourceSafe. The hosting version is given an identical set of options. The product isn’t actively maintained.