dynasoft synergy syed nawaz

Dynasoft synergy Syed Nawaz

Dynasoft synergy Syed Nawaz, TWAIN affords a line to scanning and record imaging SDKs. This SDK permit builders to without problems integrate TWAIN scanning, DirectShow webcam seizes, barcode, and OCR recognition with their internet and computer record control applications.

Dynamic Web TWAIN: scanner-primarily based totally TWAIN scanning SDK for embedding record scanning and importing into internet applications.

Supports all mainstream browsers on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Dynamsoft Webcam SDK: browser-primarily based totally webcam SDK for embedding webcam seize into internet applications.

Supports all mainstream browsers on Windows. Supports all working UVC webcam. Dynamic NET TWAIN: a .NET wrapper for TWAIN and DirectShow Webcam Capture. In C # / VB.NET, allow clean and speedy improvement of saving record scanning/webcam seize and photo.

Barcode Reader SDK: Provide C, C ++, ActiveX / COM, and NET APIs to locate and examine barcode symbols from photo documents. Versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Mobile are available. OCR SDK: convert scanned photos to searchable text / PDF documents.