Serve as a management consultant to multiple start-ups in a variety of roles and responsibilities. Specific engagements included the following:

Co-Founder: MUN3 Inc. (2017-2018)
Co-founded and expanded the development of an enterprise software company specializing in the agro-tech industry (SaaS platform). Partnered with 2 vendors (cloud partners) to build customized SaaS software for meeting the needs of the agriculture market segment. Built and scaled a diverse, cross-functional, onshore/offshore team of 23 from scratch, including 12 software developers, 4 principal engineers, and 7 consultants.

  • Served as a key catalyst to achieve product success, including assembling the team, establishing the release cycle, selecting the software and cloud options, and instituting the overarching vision.
  • Collaborated with Agro-firms, tool vendors, and the cloud partner to build the customized SaaS deployment model to meet multi-tenant, security, scalability, and compliance needs of the customer.

CTO / Cloud Architect: Cloud Trident (2017-2019)

Drove the customer migration and infrastructure consolidation for different enterprises. Led customers’ technological, network, and data center modernization roadmap discussions. Created the blueprint for infrastructure consolidation at multiple enterprises. Consulted on network automation strategies to initiate the journey for SDN and Datacenter network automation.

  • Delivered the first release for the MVP of the product by transferring the customer requirements and maximizing team efforts.
  • Analyzed and identified a cloud partner as an ideal strategic fit to provide the CI/CD release by setting up the git hub, including code review, analysis, and build using AWS.
  • Implemented continuous process improvement and new systems that supported technology service delivery efforts to meet company and clients’ current and future growth needs consistently.                S5 Global S5 Global S5 Global Syed Nawaz cisco  Syed nawaz brocade.   and  Syed Nawaz h1b are the compnySyed Nawaz cisco. Syed nawaz brocade.   thie all he managed