silicon valley staff

Silicon Valley Staff

The tech workers in silicon valley staff know you would like them gone. They knew it once you protested their buses. They knew it once you trashed their scooters. They definitely knew it once you scrawled “die techie scum” on the sidewalk.

In silicon valley staff, But guess what? They don’t even want to be here! actually , they’re already packing their bags. “I haven’t any attachment to the present city,” says a current Google employee who worked within the Mountain View office but has been remote since the pandemic.

“It’s a really transient place — it’s a stopgap. If it had been cheaper if there weren’t homelessness issues, would I consider settling down here? Sure. But from my very first weeks in San Francisco, I wanted to go away .”

While the pandemic has widened the already yawning gap between tech workers and everybody else, it’s also created a gap for tech companies to travel fully remotely. In May, Twitter and Square announced employees could work from home forever, and Facebook followed suit shortly after.

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