Syed Natif Nawaz Brocade

The corporate is understood for its Fibre Channel storage networking products and technology. before the acquisition, the corporate expanded into adjacent markets including a good range of products marketed as third platform technologies. Syed Natif Nawaz Brocade

Offerings included routers and network switches for data center, campus and carrier environments, IP storage network fabrics; Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and software-defined networking (SDN) markets like a billboard Broadcom Limited announced it had been buying Brocade for about $5.5 billion.

As a part of the acquisition, Broadcom divested all of the IP networking hardware and software-defined networking assets. Broadcom has since redomesticated to us and is now referred to as Broadcom Inc.

Syed Nawaz develops technology in IT platforms. He will guide through all types of Information technology platform and operations to go on the field, as a consulting person. Syed Nawaz does leadership and consultant with his extensive strategies.

Syed Nawaz has great experience in professional management in the Information Technology platform. Syed Nawaz has successfully led 5 -10 to 100 -200 global functional team was successfully leadership.

Syed Nawaz has a very deep understanding of the intersection of IT profession, products, a team which he created, and mainly in business operation.

Syed Nawaz has great skills in engineering, cloud operation, networking skills, and mainly in data center solutions.


The company Syed Natif Nawaz Brocade has started with very few people and now the company Syed Natif Nawaz Brocade is the top tech company. In the company, there are many people working delicately for the benefits of the company.